Scatola del Tempo is exhibiting in Basel
17th - 24th march 2016 

Scatola del Tempo exhibits at the world's biggest and most important event in the watch and jewelry sector, being held in Basel, Switzerland.
BASELWORLD offers watch and jewelry brands, and also the entire watch and jewelry industry, the world's best platform and a perfect setting for providing specialist dealers and consumers with a fascinating, high-quality brand experience.





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            Scatola del Tempo:  25° Anniversary

Professionalism is often synonymous of experience. Experience gained through years of study, put into practice and refinement of techniques that, year after year, become more meticulous by pay attention to detail and in the research of precision and exclusivity that create perfection and uniqueness.
With 28 years’ story, Box of Time well represents this set of features, its long journey fruit enterprising creative Sandro Colarieti, who was able to channel his passion for collecting watches in a company made ​​up of skilled craftsmen and using only highest quality material.
A new design concept combined with the practicality of precious watches handcrafted, is the secret that, quite naturally, has led the company on the top, a strong appreciation consolidated in all five continents. Scatola del Tempo wrote the story, giving birth to something new in Italy and reinventing itself, year after year, while remaining faithful to its origins. This mix of tradition and innovation, make a solid company that can really able to make the difference. From the early models “portaorologi“ made ​​in Italy, an innovation at the time, until the modern but always created in the tradition, Scatola del Tempo has been able to conceive, design and produce great examples of inimitable quality design.