Imagination, to the point of immoderation

Is there an object offering as much beauty, dream and talent as an exceptional watch? Sure, the custom-made furniture designed and manufactured by Scatola del Tempo! Indeed, the craftsmen of the Como Maison develop know-how as demanding as those used by the master watchmakers to guarantee the durability of their beautiful timepieces.

Since 1989, at the beginning of his new activity, Sandro Colarieti decided to evolve the cases he created to store his watches by producing a small series of watch winders for himself and his friends. His objective: simulate the natural movements of the wrist to maintain his watches and keep them on time. As a great Patek Philippe watch collector, he presented his invention to the famous watchmaking house in 1990, which decided, after a year of testing, to order 500 watch winders. Thanks to this collaboration, Scatola quickly became known to collectors all over the world. The winder was born and approved! The enthusiasm of collectors is constantly growing and their expectations are more and more demanding in terms of personalization and capacity. Scatola del Tempo loves challenges! The range is extended with custom-made items capable of holding up to hundreds of watches.


There were simple “boxes”

At the beginning of his new activity, Sandro Colarieti creates only individual cases


Evolution doesn’t stop there! The company’s technicians compete in intelligence and imagine new movements combining different rotation cycles. Thus, just as the best watchmakers create new complications – tourbillon, moon phases, perpetual calendars, equation of time – the frequency and intensity of movements adapt to the different watch models, chronographs or perpetual calendars for example. For absolute security and reliability, digital and biometrics are also integrated into new safe or cabinet designs… discreetly, as they should be!


Boxes are enriched with complications


Decorative object made in nubuck at the request of a client who wanted to see his watches fully recharged comfortably seated in his living room.


Combined with tailor-made solutions, has no longer limits.

At Scatola del Tempo, imagination is sovereign and the notion of limits is not part of his DNA. To surprise and seduce the most enlightened amateurs, the Maison of Como now creates entirely custom-made furniture in the rarest, most precious or most innovative materials. And, to go even further, Scatola del Tempo becomes the privileged partner of designers and interior architects. Together, they create spaces entirely dedicated to passion for  watches that can be integrated into a dressing room, a bedroom, a lounge, a panic-room or a room serving as a safe, thus meeting all the needs of collectors.


STARGATE is equipped with 42 rotors to recharge automatic watches. Two drawers with a Spanish cedar interior are equipped for cigars. The opening is by fingerprint.



One of the latest creations of Scatola del Tempo, this model is covered with leather, has a tactile LED lighting system, and 12 independent rotors to recharge automatic watches of any size.



Made in lucid lacquered zebrawood, this armored cabinet with a fingerprint opening system is equipped with 21 independent winders to recharge automatic watches of any size.